Baby new potatoes with mint, rocksalt, black pepper & olive oil

Rosemary and potato salad with crispy bacon, roasted red onions & drizzled with olive aioli

Platter of rocket with olives & walnuts with walnut dressing

Large green salad platter of baby leaves with a citrus vinaigrette

Platter of oven roasted zucchinis, coloured peppers, red onions, mushrooms etc

Tuscan salad of mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, olives, feta & basil

Scarlet salad of roasted red peppers, red onions, roasted beetroots, orange peppers etc

Hot fresh green beans with flaked almonds

Platters of asparagus with balsamic butter (in season)



The ultimate chocolate mousse with fresh berries (this is a layered up chocolate meringue and mousse frozen pudding)

Chocolate & almond mud cakes with grilled nectarines or fresh berries

Individual white chocolate creme brulee with fresh fruit

Individual panna cotta served with raspberry coulis & fresh summer berries with ginger snap biscuit

Triple chocolate brownie with balsamic & almond strawberries

Platters of baby lemon tarts, pecan pies, raspberry tartlets, individual baby meringues, roasted nectarine tarts etc (all finger sized so guests can help themselves through the evening)

Selections of large New Zealand cheese with crackers & figs, grapes etc



Freshly ground plunger coffee & selection of teas


Ginger & lime chicken skewers with coconut milk & lemongrass

Filo tartlets with guacamole & caramelised onion

Sundried tomato, feta & mozzarella tortillas

Prunes wrapped in bacon on long skewers

Blue cheese & spinach tarts

Roasted beetroot & camembert on skewers

Cherry tomato, basil & mozzarella on long skewers

Prawns with coriander & chilli

Dukkah Roasted eggplant strips with minted yoghurt

Glazed Scallops served in Asian spoons



Antipasto platter of:
Sundried tomatoes, black & green olives, caperberries, smoked mussels, artichokes, slices of melon, pastrami, salami, Puy lentils with lamb backstraps, red onion marmalade & minted yoghurt

Fresh herb frittata with gravlax

Hot smoked salmon on bed of garlic zucchini ribbons

Flakey tart of ricotta, tomato & rocket served warm



Spiced lamb rumps served warm with Thai mango & chilli sauce

Roasted Lamb racks, served with a rosemary & red wine jus

Medium rare fillets or porterhouse of beef served warm with fresh horseradish

Chicken breasts, stuffed with prunes & spinach or red peppers, wrapped in bacon and baked, then sliced into medallions

Pork loins stuffed with an apricot, olive & chilli stuffing served hot or cold

Local fresh fish, oven roasted with olive oil, lime, lemon pepper & garlic on a bed of roasted leeks

Sides of fresh South Island salmon baked with chives & vermouth and served with lime hollandaise

We always include a vegetarian option (to be discussed)